Why Eucalyptus Baby ?

"Eucalyptus" is one of my favorite foliage due to its scent & healing properties. With its many varieties, it is flexible & can be adapted for use in different styles of floral arrangement. "Baby" because I am taking baby steps into this new floral industry. Like a new born baby, I will have to go through the development stages & learn the ways of this new world.

The Forgotten Love

Eucalyptus Baby is the story of an ignition of long lost love for flowers. In 2015, I rejoined a bank where I had first started my career. Going back there after 2 decades, led me to recall those days when I used to craft flowers & gift baskets whenever there was an occasion in the office. The round trip has somehow helped to re-ignite the long forgotten love. To re-embrace this love for flowers, I re-skilled myself by taking floral classes in SG, HK, Japan. In December 2018, Eucalyptus Baby was born @ SMU Li Ka Shing Library Building.

Hopes & Dreams

With every handcrafted bouquets, I hope to bring about joy & happiness that will become happy memories for long time to come. My dream is to have my floral signature one day. For now, there is a lot to learn as I traverse on this new journey, & there will be many enriching experiences & many people that I will meet along the way. The experiences & the crossing of paths with some of you, will help me to evolve & develop my floral signature. Not sure when that day will be, but I believe dreams do materialize when you work at it.